SMM's Simple Templates

SMM’s Simple Templates

Click below to learn about simple and effective personal finance templates you can start using now!

Spending Spurts And Saving Spurts simple money man

Spending Spurts And Saving Spurts

  We all go through financial ups and downs and it sometimes happens at certain times of the year. Our budget fluctuates with anticipated and unanticipated events triggering us to take a closer look and see what happened and where.   If you’re not yet…

My Finances Are On Track So What’s Next simple money man

My Finances Are On Track So What’s Next?

  So you’ve set up and funded your emergency savings account. So you’re saving a respectable amount consistently for retirement, so you’re making good money and have a couple of passive income streams to go along with it. So you’ve controlled your spending a bit…

Make Saving Easy and Spending Hard simple money man

Make Saving Easy And Spending Hard

  This post is also featured on Gen Y Finance Guy.   A part of me has this weird conspiracy theory that we spend so much because we are subliminally trained to do so. This is evident with incentives like rebates, points, rewards, free “trials”,…

When An Emergency Strikes simple money man

When An Emergency Strikes

    Immediate action is required. In order for us to take immediate action to address emergencies, planning needs to take place in advance. Most of that planning involves saving money right?   Emergencies can mean losing a job, fixing a leaky roof, paying for…

Your Crazy Spending Helps The Rest of Us simple money man

Your Crazy Spending Helps The Rest of Us

    For many people, the savings rate recommended by financial planners is outrageous whether it’s 10% or 15% of their annual income. For others, it’s a piece of cake. Increasing your savings rate by a significant percentage and on a consistent basis really does…

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