SMM’s Simple Templates

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SMM's Simple Templates

These are templates that are easy to use and they are effective. They are effective because I’ve used them for years and have improved my personal finances as a result. SMM’s Simple Templates include the following:

Simple Money Tracker – a simple month to month tracker of your income and expenses. Learn where your money is really going and route it accordingly to improve your monthly cash flow!

Simple Retirement Projection & Budget – a simple two-part tool. First, quickly and simply find out how much you need for retirement. Then, simply insert numbers on a monthly retirement budget template to see where your retirement funds could be going. Two templates in one!

Simple Retirement Tracker – a simple tracker tool that will show you how your retirement fund may perform year after year. It’s simple and flexible as you can adjust your salary, contribution, employer match, and even investment fees. All the calculations are already built-in so all you have to do is start experimenting with numbers!

Simple Savings Rate Calculator – a simple, yet powerful calculator. The first step in a meaningful personal finance journey is to save enough and save often. This template will tell you how much of your income you are saving. Remember, pay yourself first….via savings.

All four of them are yours for a super-low cost of only $9.99. Click the button below and start tracking your financial journey simply and effectively!

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