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“We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful.”

-Warren Buffett


Hi, I like to periodically update this page with useful financial stuff I’ve come across, which has been helpful to me so I’m hoping may be helpful to you too.


Financial Tools

Personal Capital
One financial tool I use regularly use and therefore highly recommend is Personal Capital.


This tool has allowed me to accurately calculate my net worth. First and foremost, it’s FREE. You can link just about any financial account you have (banks, brokerages, 401k or other retirement accounts, loan accounts, mortgage, car loan, and other manual assets).


It provides real-time data and all on one simple screen because every time you log on it updates for you.


Plus it has other features like it’s Investment Checkup tool to give you bite-sized information on how you can improve your net worth picture (e.g., invest in more international holdings or deploy extra cash you may have or fund(s) you own that may be charging high fees).


Check out my Simple Personal Capital Review for more.


And check out this screenshot of the net worth screen which both itemizes and summarizes all your accounts:



Robinhood is a simple, easy to use, and free online brokerage platform. You can trade many stocks, index-funds, and ETFs.


Yes, I use Robinhood myself and have written a review to describe the product in greater detail here: Simple Robinhood Review



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Financial Websites

Here are financial links I use to research things and write many of my posts:

Google Finance (stock research)

Motley Fool (investment advice)

Investopedia (enhance financial lingo)

Bank Rate (mortgage rates, savings rates, and financial calculators, OH MY!)

Yahoo Finance(stock and finance news/research)

SEC Edgar Page (look up financial data on public companies)


Financial Books

Now I present to you the best personal finance book I’ve ever read and highly recommend is simple for everyone, applicable to everyone and is truly classic: The Richest Man in Babylon


Oh but wait, there’s more! Here are some more books I would recommend to you as well. Yes I like to read….actually listen to audio books on my way to work (the radio just plays the same old songs) . They are simple to read, simple to understand, and simple to apply.





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