How Will I Ever Buy a Home???

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How Will I Ever Buy a Home simple money man

Two words for you: baby steps. Unless you got a boatload of money to pay down, in which case….why are you reading this? Just kidding. Maybe you’ve heard the saying that it’s smart to buy the cheapest home in the nicest area. Well, it’s a saying because, for the most part, it’s true.


I’m saying for the most part because there can be situations where that cheap home may have a bunch of problems that need to be fixed and in the process, the cost will add up to close the values of the surrounding homes.


But there definitely are some bargains out there. One example is a short-sale when the seller is desperate to sell and prices the home for a lot less than the loan they owe and also probably lower than the market price of the house.

And when you buy that cheaper home. You don’t new to live there for a long time. Just don’t get a fixed rate mortgage and get an Adjustable rate instead because the interest rate is lower. I won’t get into that too much and will save it for a different post.


The benefits are that your mortgage will be cheaper, you can take your time and fix things at your own pace, and you’ll be in a good area so your home value will rise. You can save a little bit of money and break out projects like fixing up the kitchen and bathrooms since those places are necessities to have: you gotta eat and you know what happens after that, lol. Ok, I won’t go there.


So take your time and find that hidden gem that doesn’t need a whole LOT of fixing and then dive in! There’s a sense of added pride when you see things improve in your home to your liking and taste and pat yourself on the back because you were involved in the process.


2 thoughts on “How Will I Ever Buy a Home???

  1. Living in a high cost area, it was certainly difficult to come up with cash for a down payment, but I managed to do it. I do like to think I bought one of the cheaper houses in the area I live. I am lucky enough that I got my real estate license this year, so it makes it much easier to run comps and look at a TON of properties to find the best deal. I would recommend this to anyone looking to buy multiple properties (I have a rental as well). My place isn’t perfect, but I made sure it had a great floor plan (it’s hard to change your floor plan with significant $), was in a great location, and there was no serious defects (foundation issues, piping, etc.). Everything else can be updated over time if so desired.

    1. Yes it’s definitely great to have a license to see more properties and comps. Some of my relatives have them and I bought my house using their access and expertise. Of course it helps with the down payment in the fact that they charged me very little too for their work :-).

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