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Is Gifting Money Really That Bad smm

Is Gifting Money Really That Bad?

It depends. We participate in a lot of gift-giving my family simply because it’s a huge family. Many times we

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Money Personality_ What's The Downside Of Yours SMM

Money Personality: What’s The Downside Of Yours?

Today I’m honored to present a guest post from Michelle Laurey, a writer of various subjects including personal finance. Her

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Make Saving Easy and Spending Hard simple money man

Make Saving Easy And Spending Hard

This post is also featured on Gen Y Finance Guy.   A part of me has this weird conspiracy theory

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Top 4 Financial Milestones to Consider Reaching Before You Retire simple money man

Top 4 Financial Milestones to Consider Reaching Before You Retire

Today I have the honor of featuring a guest post from a terrific writer. James Paul is a financial educator

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Why I Prefer In Store VS Online Shopping simple money man

Why I Prefer In Store VS. Online Shopping

With the advancement of online shopping, there is no doubt many conveniences. For people that are super-busy not just with

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Slow and Steady to Financial Freedom

Most of you all have probably heard of the classic fable of The Tortoise and the Hare. I learned about it

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Be Your Own Auditor Simple money man

Be Your Own Auditor

It’s true that computers, fingerprint login on apps, and extra security services provided by banks and financial institutions have made

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financial regrets

How to Deal With Financial Regrets

Financial regrets happen to the best of us. But what we learn from them and how we proceed to move

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How Often Should I Review My Finances simple money man

How Often Should I Review My Finances?

You should review them as much as you need. Let me guess, you’re thinking well, jeez thanks, that’s a helpful

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Are Colleges Teaching Personal Finance simple money man

Are Colleges Teaching Personal Finance?

Well, they weren’t teaching Personal Finance when I was in college, which was…umm…let’s just say a couple of Presidential terms

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