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Your Crazy Spending Helps The Rest of Us simple money man

Your Crazy Spending Helps The Rest of Us

For many people, the savings rate recommended by financial planners is outrageous whether it’s 10% or 15% of their annual

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custom budget simple money man

A Customized Budget Is A Good Thing

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy learning about budgeting techniques and tools that are out there and available. But rather

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Make Personal Finance Great simple money man

Make Personal Finance Great

Do you feel like managing your finances can be a chore sometimes? I mean many of us are performing this

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financial lane simple money man

We Should Stay In Our Financial Lane

If you’re new to personal finance blogging or fairly new, you’ll quickly realize that many of your readers are well

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Be Your Own Auditor Simple money man

Be Your Own Auditor

It’s true that computers, fingerprint login on apps, and extra security services provided by banks and financial institutions have made

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The Things You Own End Up Owning You simple money man

The Things You Own End Up Owning You

More and more I’m starting to believe the more we have, the more we spend on maintenance, repairs, replacements and

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Afraid of the Stock Market simple money man

Don’t Be Afraid of the Stock Market

Perhaps one of the biggest financial mistakes I made was not entering the stock market at an earlier age. When

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What's Your Money System simple money man

What’s Your Money System?

We live in a time where so many of our financial tasks have become easier and quicker with computers. We

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simple money man SCHD vs VIG

Simple Fund Comparison – SCHD VS VIG

Lately I’ve become more and more interested in low cost ETFs while less and less interested in stocks and mutual

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How Much Cash Should I Carry simple money

How Much Cash Should I Carry?

This is a very common question that people come back to and reevaluate time and time again. And really I

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