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Finances And Weather simple money man

Finances And Weather

Back in late February, we had a few days of awesome weather in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. I

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Practical Advice From The Famous And Wealthy simple money man

Practical Advice From The Famous And Wealthy

When I was younger I would read about celebrities and their lifestyle in the entertainment section of MSN. It was

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Claim What’s Yours! simple money man

Claim What’s Yours!

Too often we have to go through someone else’s policies and procedures and forms and instructions to explain a mistake

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Maintain Your Financial & Physical Health simple money man

Maintain Your Financial & Physical Health

This post is also featured on Adventure Rich!   We’re living longer than ever before. The average life expectancy is

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Save Over $5,000 Per Year Easily simple money man

Save Over $5,000 Per Year Easily

We’ve all heard it: there are little things you can do to easily save money. I’m here to say that

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When An Emergency Strikes simple money man

When An Emergency Strikes

Immediate action is required. In order for us to take immediate action to address emergencies, planning needs to take place

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Your Crazy Spending Helps The Rest of Us simple money man

Your Crazy Spending Helps The Rest of Us

For many people, the savings rate recommended by financial planners is outrageous whether it’s 10% or 15% of their annual

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custom budget simple money man

A Customized Budget Is A Good Thing

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy learning about budgeting techniques and tools that are out there and available. But rather

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Make Personal Finance Great simple money man

Make Personal Finance Great

Do you feel like managing your finances can be a chore sometimes? I mean many of us are performing this

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financial lane simple money man

We Should Stay In Our Financial Lane

If you’re new to personal finance blogging or fairly new, you’ll quickly realize that many of your readers are well

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