Saving in the Summer

saving in the summer simple money man

Were in the peak of summer! If you have kids, they are out of school and complaining almost every day that they’re bored 🙂 So how can we entertain them without breaking the bank and still save; how can we… Continue Reading

It “Pays” To Be Right

It “Pays” To Be Right simple money man

Recently I posted an article about my recent Big Screen TV purchase. While I am happy with the TV’s performance itself, the process of acquiring it was frustrating and because of this, I took action, pursued it all the way… Continue Reading

Steps in Buying a Big Screen TV

Steps in Buying a Big Screen TV simple money man

I suppose this is kind of timely since the Super Bowl has come….and gone AND what a crazy game by the way! The steps in buying a big screen TV as mentioned in the title of this post is more of… Continue Reading

How To Win On Black Friday & Cyber Monday

How To Win On Black Friday & Cyber Monday simple money man

If you’re like me, you believe that it feels almost as good to buy something on the cheap or a great deal as it does to not buy anything at all! Keyword being ALMOST. But there are those times when… Continue Reading