Retirement – You May Need A Little or A Lot

Retirement – You May Need A Little or A Lot simple money man

  We’re all at different places when it comes to retirement: some of us have a long way to go, some of us are in the middle, some of us are almost there, some of us are RETIRED, envious :-),… Continue Reading

What’s Your Money System?

What's Your Money System simple money man

We live in time where so many of our financial tasks have become easier and quicker with computers. We can pay our bills online, we can deposit our checks online, we can save our money online, we can invest and… Continue Reading

Ways to Avoid Spending

Ways to Avoid Spending simple money man

Three Ways to Avoid Spending: During my lunchbreak at work, I usually only do a couple of things: one – I go to the gym and workout, two – on my off days from the gym (maybe 1 or 2… Continue Reading

Responsible Fantasy Football

Responsible Fantasy Football simple money man

The NFL football season is here and if you’re like me, that means yes so is Fantasy Football! In the past, I have played with zero investment and the payoff was bragging rights. But this year our commissioner decided it… Continue Reading