Simple Robinhood Review simple money man

Simple Robinhood Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes  You know how retailers make it super-easy to spend. There are all these shopping apps you can now use on your phone: from Amazon to Walmart. And with a click of a button yo, can buy anything. Well, guess what? That concept is here…

Why I Finally Invested In Bitcoin simple money man

Why I Finally Invested In Bitcoin

Reading Time: 4 minutesYes, I joined the herd of many who have invested in Bitcoin. And right off the bat, I think the biggest reason is so I can force myself to learn more and more about Bitcoin and how it can help world-wide commerce in the future….

Make Personal Finance Great simple money man

Make Personal Finance Great

Reading Time: 4 minutes  Do you feel like managing your finances can be a chore sometimes? I mean many of us are performing this task on a regular basis to keep out of financial debt, pay bills on time, seek out good investment returns and maintain our overall…

From Target Date Fund to Targeting Lower Cost Index Funds simple money man

From Target Date Funds To Lower Cost Index Funds

Reading Time: 7 minutesAlso featured as a guest post on Mustard Seed Money:   Usually, on the first day of a new job, we receive some new hire paperwork from Human Resources. Included in that package is paperwork concerning which retirement plan we’d like to participate in, how…

Simple REIT Analysis – AGNC

Simple REIT Analysis – AGNC

Reading Time: 5 minutes  If you’re like me you may not have a whole lot of money twiddling its thumbs and waiting to be deployed in an investment property. But guess what, that’s totally fine. You can still be a property investor via REITs. Apart from the high…

simple money man SCHD vs VIG

Simple Fund Comparison – SCHD VS VIG

Reading Time: 5 minutesLately I’ve become more and more interested in low cost ETFs while less and less interested in stocks and mutual funds. ETFs provide one-click diversification, super-low fees while still paying investors dividends. I don’t think I’ve come across any literature that mentions great disadvantages or…