Simple Fund Comparison – SCHD VS VIG

simple money man SCHD vs VIG

Lately I’ve become more and more interested in low cost ETFs while less and less interested in stocks and mutual funds. ETFs provide one-click diversification, super-low fees while still paying investors dividends. I don’t think I’ve come across any literature… Continue Reading

How Do I Protect My Investments?

How Do I Protect My Investments simple money man

The stock market has been flying high and many of us have seen gains in our investments – some unrealized and some realized gains! For those that are unrealized, what can we do to protect those gains? There are a… Continue Reading

Simple Fund Analysis – Vanguard Small Cap Value ETF (VBR)

Simple Fund Analysis – Vanguard Small Cap Value ETF (VBR) simple money man

Lately, I’ve been interested in diversifying more. Diversifying, of course, means NOT putting all your eggs in one basket. Yes, I admit for a long time I was doing this (and actually it served me well).   Instead of diversifying… Continue Reading