Overcoming Stock Market Fear

Overcoming Stock Market Fear simple money man

Recently the stock market has experienced what many may call major up and down swings. A significant drop in the market means different things to different people. For many, however, this, produces fear.   For a long time, it would… Continue Reading

Tax Loss Harvesting Simply Explained

Tax Loss Harvesting Simply Explained simple money man

  Who wants to lose money in the stock market? All I can hear are crickets.   But it does happen to everyone at some point in their investing careers. It can happen many times actually. And that is where… Continue Reading

Don’t Be Afraid of the Stock Market

Afraid of the Stock Market simple money man

  Perhaps one of the biggest financial mistakes I made was not entering the stock market at an earlier age. When I entered the market I was in my mid-20s, but I wish it was sooner. I didn’t enter before… Continue Reading

How Do I Protect My Investments?

How Do I Protect My Investments simple money man

The stock market has been flying high and many of us have seen gains in our investments – some unrealized and some realized gains! For those that are unrealized, what can we do to protect those gains? There are a… Continue Reading