About SMM

about-meHi there! I’m Owais and, well, I’m in my 30’s, have a steady job in accounting/audit, a beautiful wife and a beautiful and handsome boy (of course he get’s those attributes from me, lol, just kidding wifey if you’re reading this :-). I was raised and still live in the beautiful state of Maryland between DC and Baltimore in a busy and vibrant town called Laurel. I have a CPA license and a CIA certification that I earned many years ago (full disclosure: may not remember some of the stuff I learned, hehehe).


What you will get out of this blog: You’ll read simple things about money with simple language and simple examples cause I’m a simple man. You may also notice a touch of humor in my writing too (hopefully that doesn’t get annoying cause it’s just how I roll). You’ll also notice that my posts are a lot shorter than others that are out there. This is for a couple of reasons. I have a full-time job and family (not saying that other people don’t) so I don’t have a whole lot of time. Also, although I’m social, I’m not overly social/long-winded and don’t talk a whole lot, which I want to reflect in my writing. That was my attempt at being succinct :-).


What you won’t get: Sophisticated writing, complete sentences, corecet spelling (I do know how to spell correct though), and a bunch of stats, figures, and references to things (sometimes you may get a bit of that stuff).