It’s OK To Drive A Fancy Car


luxury car is ok simple money man

A lot of people will tell you that buying a luxury car is a waste of money because it’s a depreciating asset. And that’s true, because car values drop, unlike homes and stocks for example. But I will say this, what are we accumulating or saving money for……happiness right? If driving a fancy car makes you happy and you can afford to do so, then do it and don’t feel guilty. But make sure you treasure the experience each time to give yourself the comfort that yes, this is an expensive item but I am enjoying it every time I use it. Let’s face it a Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Lexus all take the premium gas, have more expensive parts, higher maintenance costs, and some will argue won’t last as long as let’s say a Toyota, Honda, Chevy, etc.

Luxury Factors to Enjoy


So if you have a luxury car, enjoy the high-end attributes of it such as (1) the premium sound system it offers (i.e., Harmon Kardon or Bose, (2) the enhanced and more refined power, (3) the luxurious interior and upholstery, (4) cool gadgets such as navigation, Bluetooth, rear-view camera to name a few (yes I know you can get number 4 in other non-luxury brands as well. Also, a luxury car can last longer if you love it and care for it, such as don’t drive like a maniac (lol), clean it regularly, maintain it regularly and love it.

Prime Example – ME!


I have a Mercedes C-300. I didn’t buy it new. I bought a 2009 model in 2014 so it was 5 years old when I bought it (I do recommend buying a luxury car that is used and in great condition because buying a new one REALLY depreciates in value and is not a smart money move as you may find in many financial articles – e.g. But I feel great when I drive it. I know I purchased something that I ENJOY driving and experiencing each day. I mentally prepare myself when I sit in my vehicle to enjoy the satisfaction it offers and savor the ride (even when I’m going to work lol). Actually that’s a good point I raise (lol). Many times we are driving alone because we are driving to and from work. So why not enjoy doing that? If you buy a luxury car and hate driving and are of the mentality of going from point A to point B, then it may not make sense to buy a luxury car.

The bottom line is we strive for financial freedom because we want the things we want. And if we want a luxury car, we shouldn’t feel guilty about that. Whatever we buy, we should enjoy. I wonder how many times I used the word “enjoy” in this post, lol.


Simple Money Man (SMM)


  1. I agree with your thinking SMM – if driving a luxury car truly makes you happy, then why not. We don’t really do much driving, nor have much of an attachment to cars, so we’re happy with our 2007 Mazda 3. As long as it’s comfortable (as well as provides good temperature), safe and reliable then that’s all we need for us 🙂


  2. It can be very nice to drive around in a car, that gives you a sense of enjoyment, pride and something to cherish. I bought a 2007 Alfa Romeo 159 2nd hand and have loved it for every minute. A gorgeous car that cost < $14kAUD. Luxury doesn't have to be expensive and as you say, if you go to all the trouble of saving, what's the point if you don't enjoy the outcome?!

    • Absolutely. If you enjoy it, gives you a thrill and your truly believe it’s money well spent, then go for it. I had a Mercedes for a couple of years but got tired of it. Fortunately I didn’t have any major issues with it and sold it for a nice price 🙂

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