Free Budget Template

Free Budget Template simple money man

Hello again. I’ve been using this spreadsheet for years and now it is my gift to you 🙂

It’s very easy to use and flexible. You can add or remove different types if income and expenses to suit your needs. Also, the totals automatically populate for you. The objective is that the “Remaining @ EOM” row is always a positive number to show that you’re able to save some money at the end of each month. Try to aim to increase it every quarter, or month! Oh it’s also cool because you can see each month all on one tab instead of putting months on various tabs. One tip I’d like to add is that if expenses are high in one particular month (e.g., gas budget line went up because you took a weekend road trip to the beach), you can insert comments to indicate this so that when you always know why an expense was an outlier. Please see the link below and I hope you like it. 🙂 Budget Template