How I Stopped Myself From Buying An iWatch

How I Stopped Myself from Buying an iWatch simple money man

This past Sunday I was doing what I do every Sunday in the fall… football! During the evening game between the Packers and Vikings, a commercial came on about the new Apple iWatch. The main feature of difference between this… Continue Reading

It’s OK To Drive A Fancy Car

It's OK To Drive A Fancy Car simple money man

A lot of people will tell you that buying a luxury car is a waste of money because it’s a depreciating asset. And that’s true, because car values drop, unlike homes and stocks for example. But I will say this,… Continue Reading

Spending in the Summer

Spending in the Summer simple money man

We’re at the peak of summer. That means swimming, BBQ, picnics, volleyball, and anything else outdoors. According to ING’s eZonomics, summer accounts for about 50% of spending and this is by far the season where people spend the most amount… Continue Reading