Overcoming Stock Market Fear simple money man

Overcoming Stock Market Fear

Recently the stock market has experienced what many may call major up and down swings. A significant drop in the market means different things to different people. For many, however, this, produces fear.   For a long time, it would concern, frustrate, scare and stress…

Almost Beat The S&P 500 Index simple money man

Almost Beat The S&P 500 Index

  If you continued to ride the market and in the process acquired some more investments in stocks or ETFs, chances are you’ve done well in 2017. But how do you how well your investments are doing or if they could or should be doing…

Simple Robinhood Review simple money man

Simple Robinhood Review

  You know how retailers make it super-easy to spend. There are all these shopping apps you can now use on your phone: from Amazon to Walmart. And with a click of a button yo, can buy anything. Well, guess what? That concept is here…

Tax Loss Harvesting Simply Explained simple money man

Tax Loss Harvesting Simply Explained

  Who wants to lose money in the stock market? All I can hear are crickets.   But it does happen to everyone at some point in their investing careers. It can happen many times actually. And that is where tax loss harvesting comes into…

Why I Finally Invested In Bitcoin simple money man

Why I Finally Invested In Bitcoin

Yes, I joined the herd of many who have invested in Bitcoin. And right off the bat, I think the biggest reason is so I can force myself to learn more and more about Bitcoin and how it can help world-wide commerce in the future….

Better Later Than Too Late simple money man

Better Later Than Too Late

  This post is also featured on The Mastermind Within!   Do you sometimes think to yourselves I should have started saving for retirement earlier? Do you think you started too late? Or do you think you should have put more money into your retirement…