Simple Personal Capital Review

Simple Personal Capital Review

  Since college, which was back in the early 2000s, I’ve been using excel spreadsheets to manage my finances. After various versions, I finally settled on what I have now and it’s available for free to everyone here. It focuses… Continue Reading

The Efficient Frontier – Simply Explained

The Efficient Frontier – Simply Explained

  We want our money to be able to do the best job in making more money for us right? But we also are only willing to take a certain amount of risk. The risk may be specific due to… Continue Reading

Why I Like ETFs And You May Too

Why I Like ETFs And You May Too simple money man

  What would you prefer: pay a little and get more or pay a lot and get less?  I’d prefer the former and this is the conclusion that I have reached from reading about ETFs. You are getting more (in… Continue Reading

Simple Stock Analysis – Walmart (WMT)

Simple Stock Analysis – Walmart (WMT) simple money man

  Chances are you’ve visited a Walmart at some point in time. There are locations in every single state in the US including Puerto Rico. Walmart is undoubtedly a retail giant. In fact, there are even Walmart Supercenters that offer… Continue Reading

Practical Advice From The Famous And Wealthy

Practical Advice From The Famous And Wealthy simple money man

When I was younger I would read about celebrities and their lifestyle in the entertainment section of MSN. It was fun to see where they were vacationing, what restaurants they would visit, and the cars they would drive. But, after… Continue Reading

Overcoming Stock Market Fear

Overcoming Stock Market Fear simple money man

Recently the stock market has experienced what many may call major up and down swings. A significant drop in the market means different things to different people. For many, however, this, produces fear.   For a long time, it would… Continue Reading