Responsible Fantasy Football

fantasy football simple money man

The NFL football season is here and if you’re like me, that means yes so is Fantasy Football! In the past I have played with zero investment and the payoff was bragging rights. But this year our commissioner decided it… Continue Reading

How I Stopped Myself from Buying an iWatch

iwatch simple money man

This past Sunday I was doing what I do every Sunday in the fall… football! During the evening game between the Packers and Vikings, a commercial came on about the new Apple iWatch. The main feature of difference between this… Continue Reading

Wanna Play In the Stock Market?

play stock market simple money man

Over the past couple of months, the stock market has been at an all-time high. Wait what does that even mean? It means that the many companies publicly listed have stock prices at an all-time high. For example, the Dow… Continue Reading

What The Heck is a Brexit???

brexit simple money man

If you follow the news even a little bit, you’ve probably heard this new word Brexit being thrown around. It stands for British Exit. It means that the high ups from the United Kingdom have decided to leave the European… Continue Reading