Money Personality: What’s The Downside Of Yours?

Money Personality_ What's The Downside Of Yours SMM

  Today I’m honored to present a guest post from Michelle Laurey, a writer of various subjects including personal finance. Her bio is at the end. I hope you enjoy the post!     Many people struggle with managing money.… Continue Reading

Finances And Weather

Finances And Weather simple money man

  Back in late February, we had a few days of awesome weather in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. I mean it was close to 80 degrees and yes this was in February.   Ofcourse it’s rare for such… Continue Reading

Practical Advice From The Famous And Wealthy

Practical Advice From The Famous And Wealthy simple money man

When I was younger I would read about celebrities and their lifestyle in the entertainment section of MSN. It was fun to see where they were vacationing, what restaurants they would visit, and the cars they would drive. But, after… Continue Reading

Claim What’s Yours!

Claim What’s Yours! simple money man

Too often we have to go through someone else’s policies and procedures and forms and instructions to explain a mistake that someone else has made. And if we don’t follow a specific and convoluted process for the refund of our… Continue Reading

Maintain Your Financial & Physical Health

Maintain Your Financial & Physical Health simple money man

This post is also featured on Adventure Rich!   We’re living longer than ever before. The average life expectancy is over 80 years for females and close to 80 for males.   We’re finding that more and more people are… Continue Reading

Save Over $5,000 Per Year Easily

Save Over $5,000 Per Year Easily simple money man

  We’ve all heard it: there are little things you can do to easily save money. I’m here to say that it’s true and it works. And if you do these easy little things on a consistent basis; thus establishing… Continue Reading