Spending on Lunch – A Personal Experiment

Does spending give us satisfaction? Does the item or service we receive from spending give us satisfaction? Does too much or too little or it result correlate to the same level of satisfaction. I decided to do a little experiment using lunch as the subject and find out for myself!   Lunch Methodology Usually I […]

Simple Under Armour (UAA) Stock Analysis

  Before I begin talking about Under Armour, Inc. please note the following:   I’m not an investment advisor I don’t consider myself an investment professional I don’t have formal investments training I’m not getting paid by UA or anyone else for writing this I am not on the board or affiliated with UA (I […]

Steps in Buying a Big Screen TV

I suppose this is kind of timely, since the Super Bowl has come….and gone AND what a crazy game by the way! The steps in buying a big screen TV as mentioned in the title of this post is more of a chronicle of my personal methodology and experience. I laughed, I cried, was happy, […]

What’s a REIT

  Have you ever thought about buying a property and renting it out to make money? A lot of us have, but for one reason or another, we dismiss the idea. Reasons may include: I don’t have enough money to make a down payment, I don’t wanna deal with annoying tenants, I don’t wanna deal […]

Spending on the Simple Joys

My wife and I both work, so we simply don’t have much time in the weeknights to relax because we are preparing dinner, lunch for the following day, cleaning a little here and here etc. on the weekend, we’ll sometimes go out for breakfast. One of my favorite places to go is iHOP! It has […]

Financial Goals For 2017

The reason why it’s good to have goals is because it gives you a purpose, something to strive for, something to look forward to, something to eventually be proud of. Ok, now I got you pumped right…..NICE! But at the same time, it’s important to make sure those goals are balanced in a sense that […]

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